Social Media Milestones for the EPF Youth Group

In November, the EPF Youth Group revealed two exciting social media projects that will contribute to further raise the Youth Group’s profile and reach more young patients throughout Europe: a video on non-discrimination, and a redesigned webpage.

The EPF Youth Group recently released its first video, focusing on discrimination and the invisibility of some chronic conditions in young patients. This video, shared with the general public for the first time on 13 November, was developed in close collaboration with our Youth Group members, who offered ideas and examples from their own personal experiences to the video-makers. The Youth Group is proud to have their input and ideas so clearly reflected in the story and hopes that it will challenge people’s perceptions on invisible illness to say no to discrimination!

If you haven’t already watched it, you can find it here and be sure to share it with your colleagues and other patient organisations. In addition to the original English version, the video will soon be available with subtitles in many EU languages.

A window to the public health world!

The second achievement is the launch of a redesigned subpage for the EPF Youth Group. As part of the EPF website, the Youth Group subpage covers the basic information on the group’s members, activities, and purpose.

The EPF Youth Group collaborated with the EPF Communications team to completely overhaul the site design and to develop a more user-friendly and comprehensive presentation of the Youth Group. The new design will better highlight the individual members, provide contact information and bios on the President and Vice-President, and will also follow the activities of Youth Group alumni. Finally, this new page has a more intuitive layout and will also offer clearer information for potential members, including contact details within the Secretariat, clear membership criteria and detailed instructions on the application process.

Contact person: Danielle Flores, Project Officer:

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