World Kidney is held on the second Thursday in March every year. This year it was on March 8 and the topic was Kidney Disease & Women, to highlight the impact of kidney disease on women’s health.

The risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease is about the same for men and women, but if women get at the earlier stages of their life it could mean more challenges and risk factors during a possible pregnancy and may also have risk of reduced fertility.

When the kidneys are fresh and in a good health-situation, they have four key roles in our health:

  • they get rid of excess water and toxics,
  • regulate the bloodpressure,
  • produce red blood cells
  • keep bones strong.

When the kidneys start to fail, it is a «silent» disease and most people do not understand they got a kidney disease. Until they do. That is why we try to inform people and stimulate them to test themselves for Kidney Disease. This test is very easy to do, only a blood and urin check and you will get an answer.
We know that about 1 in ten people have some degree of CKD, and in elderly people the numbers increase. People at 75 could nearly half have some stage of CKD.

This disease could not be cured, but if it is discovered early, the process could be delayed, or in a few cases even stopped. If you got to the most serious stage, the only way to survive is throught dialyse or transplantation. This is a very expensive treatment and will vary very much between countries.

That is why the patients associations and global partners try to raise the awareness connected to Kidney Disease. Patients Engagement means to create a partnership between patients, patients families and doctors. To learn from each others in order to make the best health outcome.

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